Years after the passion of four men's time watch recommended

After a lazy holiday, easy party, used to leave the comfort of the home warm, a lot of office workers do not want to work it? Relaxed for too long, the state slowly become free, lazy, and when the morning sun into the window, let a watch give you passion, start a new year's busy bar. Chronograph accurate timing allows you to experience the passion and speed, evoke the continuous struggle, full of warm heart. Here, the watch home to bring you four different brands of chronograph, design style or tough domineering, or classic retro, or cool fashion ... ... In short, bit by bit time for you Of life brings convenience and companionship, to your work to bring a power and efficiency. World Chronograph Chronograph series IW371401 replica watches uk Watch details: the nations never pursue mass production, and even today, are faithful to uphold the inherent concept - to do a small but excellent quality of the watch. The Portuguese watch series is one of the most popular watches in the IWC Portugal series. It incorporates sports features and extremely suiwatch for daily use in the Portuguese range of elegant design. The 40.9mm diameter case is medium in size , Both men and women are equally appropriate to wear. Has a perfect ratio of stainless steel chronograph watch number IW371401, is a very accurate timepieces watch, precision ring scale circle can even record a small time. Larger dial space million countries did not add some cumbersome design, but rather this simple design more practical and beautiful, but also won the more fans of the watch. Simple Arabic numerals, at a glance, 30 minutes in 12 o'clock position, the small second hand is located at six o'clock position, in which the timing indicators are used in blue display, Arabic numerals and hourly points to distinguish the golden tone. From the side, the timing buttons are located on the upper and lower sides of the crown, two o'clock direction of the button for the beginning of the time, four o'clock direction of the rolex replica button for the zero and end of the clock, the operation is simple and convenient. Silver case with black crocodile leather strap, the atmosphere and beautiful. In the power, this section of the Portuguese chronograph watch equipped with Cal.79350 automatic mechanical movement, power storage 44 hours, water depth of 30 meters, the performance is no doubt. TAG Heuer Caliber 1887 automatic chronograph series CAR2A80 watch watch Details: TAG Heuer Caliber 1887 automatic chronograph titanium metal shell plus ceramic ring, light texture, wear-resistant, with 43 mm case with sandblasted titanium metal material, covered with black titanium carbide coating, bezel with ultra-durable Ceramic production, strong and durable. Eye-catching dial for the low-key black or elegant smoke gray, decorated with sun light carving, the new H-shaped bracelet adds a special sense of fashion. Black dial in the red pointer is particularly striking, filled with youth and vitality. The watch has a powerful timing function, the dial with three timing disk: 30 minutes when the account is located at twelve o'clock position, 12 hours when the rolex replica watches account is located at six o'clock position, small seconds in the direction of nine o'clock. TAG Heuer Shield logo appears in the direction of three o'clock, always highlight the brand's personality logo. In fact, this watch is the most attractive place is not timing, but the color on the cool, tough case exudes a man's domineering style. Black crocodile leather strap with red suture, match the overall design of the watch style, the passion will continue to every detail. Finally, the watch's back with wear-resistant sapphire, the movement of the sweep at a glance, the internal brand-made 1887 chronograph movement, is the brand's most famous self-produced movement, composed of 320 parts, vibration 28,000 times / Hour, the number of gems 30, with the timing function and date display function, power storage up to 50 hours. Large size and classic style, suiwatch for most men wear everyday. watch details: Omega adhering to the brand's legendary ocean in 2005 launched the marine universe watch series. Highlight the fashion style of the Omega Hippocampus Ocean universe 600 meters diving watch is the traditional tribute to the Omega diving watch for. This watch is equipped with wear-resistant sapphire crystal, pure black dial, white scale, orange timing pointer, so that time to read at a glance. In function, the black dial with a small second dial, calendar window and the central chronograph. To a small dial to display the current second, one of the classic elements of the clock, 12 hours timer function at three o'clock direction, read the time more convenient and intuitive. 45.5mm stainless steel case with black ceramic one-way rotating diving bezel, waterproof spiral crown, spiral bottom cover and row helium valve, with stainless steel bracelet, every detail of the design are so have to fall in love with this Section watch. From the internal energy point of view, Omega hippocampus series watch equipped with the latest generation of Omega movement, this award-winning Observatory watch equipped with Omega 9300 coaxial movement, movement through the transparent watch back clear visible. Equipped with longitudinal wheel timing device and coaxial escapement device automatically self-winding timing movement, to ensure swatch and lasting precision timing. No card count hairspring balance wheel equipped with silicon gossamer, double barrel connection, two-way automatic winding help to save time on the chain. 60 hours of long power reserve is also quite good enough to meet the needs of the wearer. Watch details: Rolex Daytona black discs and white are very popular, held its excellent Oyster-style constant-motion cosmic meter Dieton watch is perfect for the Rolex watch - efficient and accurate, Sturdy and reliable, tightly waterproof and can be automatically on the chain, while wearing comforwatch, timeless and elegant and elegant. Is the loot of each Le Mans and Rolex Daytona 24 hour endurance race winner. This watch the timing plate with a strong contrast color design, on the surface of the attention: light-colored surface with a light gray bezel, black scale. The tachometer (using the chronograph second hand to measure the average speed of the object within a specific distance scale) from the surface to the outer ring around the precise timing and up to one eighth of the second, to provide more space for the surface, more simple. Watch has three small dial, respectively, 12 hours, 30 minutes and small seconds, Rolex to practical as the starting point of the design considerations, making the timing function easier to read. In addition, other features, it is more equipped with Rolex's "heart" - with a variable inertia (in addition to other functions), it is equipped with Rolex's "heart" - with a variable inertia Balance balance wheel, fine-tuning screw and Breguet-style hairspring balance wheel, as well as the brand in 1931 invention of the constant motion pendulum automatic winding components. Rolex will be systematically sent to the official certification, access to the title of the Observatory watch, to witness its extraordinary precision performance. After the holiday, let a Daytona wake up your sleeping holiday, the new life is more colorful, cherish every minute of time to achieve their own value. Summary: In modern life, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life and details, dress, dress is one of the most indispensable living habits, a sleek, well-designed watch can always make men fascinated The Many people think that men like the watch, in order to pretend to tie the grid, obviously this can not become the reason most men like watches. First of all, the watch is a symbol of a man punctuality, cherish life to know how to live people will always seize every minute of time to achieve their own value. In fact, the watch is a symbol of a man's taste, in unfamiliar occasions, maybe no one attention to your suit is what brand, but will pay attention to your shoes, and even watch what grade. Finally, the watch is also a good partner in the hearts of men, whether in the work of tension or recreation in the leisure, are put it down.