Plus precious metal, Apple Watch is a senior watch it?

September 9, 2014 Apple officially released Apple Watch, the smart watch and iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus together in the hands of mass consumption (because of its supporting software system is not done), but delayed so far - 3 Month 9 (Beijing time on March 10 at 1:00). Apple Watch Edition 18K Rose Gold 42mm, 38mm On the surface, with the precious metal replica watches price is indeed very expensive, successfully from the price standing on the Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Yu-ship and other traditional mechanical watch side. Then it is now in the end whether the senior watch it? For this I searched for something and found a very defined definition: "luxury is beyond the scope of human survival and survival of consumer goods in the international community is defined as' a beyond the survival and development needs of the scope of a unique Such as scarce, rare and other characteristics of consumer goods', also known as non-life necessities. "So add the precious metal Apple Watch even if the price is expensive, even if it belongs to the scope of luxury, it can not be a senior watch. We are in the hands of the mechanical watch is beyond the scope of human survival and survival of consumer goods, priced at $ 10,000 (national bank 74800 yuan) from the sale of Apple Watch Edition series is clearly the case, so theoretically speaking, the reason seems plausible The But I can use 349 dollars to buy the same function of the watch, then why do you want to pursue luxury and spend 28 times the price to buy only the shell material is different electronic watch it? From the news of the news about Apple chips that the first wave of mass production if the 30 million to 40 million between the words, it is far from the scarcity of rare features, after all, the largest industrial production of Rolex also But only 670 million a year only. So I think out of these two points, Apple Watch Edition series even if the luxury, nor is a good luxury. Since it is not good, then there is no mention of high-level watch, and can only be regarded as the most expensive electronic form. We can first look at the price of $ 349 replica watches uk sports models, equipped with aluminum case and Ion-X glass material as an external screen. $ 10,000 high-end Apple Watch Edition equipped with sapphire glass external screen, 18K gold or 18K rose gold case, 38 mm diameter (42 mm watch diameter 12,000 US dollars) and ceramic watch back, the rest of the configuration is no different. Gold version of the Apple Watch is for luxury and luxury luxury, its existence does not have any meaning. Volkswagen consumers do not have the ability to control, high-end consumer groups IQ and EQ are often higher, few people blindly catch up, and as a rational consumer, should have independent thinking and judgment, can distinguish the value and worthless, Niubi true and false The In other words, can money really squash? Do you buy the watch, really just to see the time? Is it not for the embodiment of its value, not for the eyes of others that taste good image? More media believe that the golden version of the Apple Watch is to adapt to China's national conditions and create electronic watches luxury, because what, no matter what it is, there is no use, worth it, in China, always someone willing to buy it, Because China never lack trenches. We have reason to believe that even if the price of $ 10,000 in the Apple Watch, it is only a block of electronic watches, subject to its impact only electronic watch field. No traditional tabulation of the heritage, will eventually outdated. It will be like mobile phones, computers and other electronic products into the rapid replacement of the track. Whenever a new generation of electronic products, you feel the hands of that have to throw, because the screen resolution is higher, longer standby time, the capacity is greater. But will you throw gold watches? So wear is not, do not wear is not. For Apple's 18K gold version of the rolex replica, the same price we can choose what traditional mechanical watch it? First we can consider it: So when you choose a lot of time, then why do you want to buy is destined to test the generation of it? 18 hours of standard life time to do what? We have accepted a day of a mobile phone, because it is also expensive necessities of life. What about the watch? I can not see what it means as a luxury presence. Not inheritance, there is no ultimate craft of the manual value, purely for luxury and luxury. "What time?", "I watch no electricity".